Where will the delegates be coming from?

All across the country including DC and Puerto Rico!

Are all youth eligible for scholarships? What does that entail?

Yes! Each invited delegate will receive a scholarship to attend, which will cover airfare, lodging and summit registration.

What is the best way to contact Eighteen x 18 about the summit?

You can reach us by emailing team@eighteenx18.com

What is a delegate?

Our delegates are passionate, engaged, civically-minded young people who will be tasked with developing a Midterm election action plan at the #WeVoteNext Summit. Our delegates will act as the motor for the entire initiative, up to the summit and towards the 2018 midterm elections.

What will they be responsible for after the summit?

Following the summit, each delegate will be responsible for making an impact in their community by activating their peers and family for the midterm elections.

How will we keep in contact with delegates?

Our team will be primarily reaching out to each delegate via email, but there will be times in which they will ask for a meeting by phone.

For parents and caretakers: My child is under 18, can they still attend?

Absolutely! If selected, we will need permission from their legal guardian.

What if I don’t have any organizing, political or civic experience?

We welcome any young person to get involved and apply no matter your experience. If you have interest in get involved and you’re committed to making your voice heard,  join us!

Is Yara Shahidi involved in selecting delegates?

All delegate selections are made by a committee led by young people. Our founder, Yara Shahidi, is dedicated to provide an accessible experience for all delegates and is therefore not involved in the selection process. 

Are applications limited to high school and college students?

It's not limited to high school and college students. On the application page, it says any young person is encouraged to apply.

I am not able to register to vote. Am I eligible to apply for the summit?

The application does not require citizenship status so our application is open to anyone of any status. We are planning to make sure those who are undocumented or those who cannot vote in U.S. elections receive support they need.