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Eighteen x 18 is an initiative, founded by Yara Shahidi, to educate and engage the next generation of voters in America through the power of creative storytelling.  


The 2018 Midterm elections will impact the most critical issues our generation faces  — like reproductive rights, LGBTQIA issues, environmental, gun control, criminal justice and more.

On September 29th, Eighteen x 18 will bring young people together from across the country for the #WeVoteNext Summit in Los Angeles, CA.

We’re building a diverse delegation of young people to discuss the issues that are most important to us, decide how our elected officials should address them and learn what we can do to make the biggest impact. Splitting time between hands-on workshops, interactive panels, keynote speakers and live entertainment, each attendee will leave the #WeVoteNext Summit with all the tools they’ll need to make a difference!


Thank you for your interest! Delegate applications are now closed. Selected applicants will be notified by Friday, Sept. 14th.

*Our founder, Yara Shahidi, is dedicated to provide an accessible experience for all delegates and is therefore not involved in the selection process. All delegate selections are made by a committee led by young people.